Gospel Preaching

The ministry of Jesus and the work of His apostles make it evident that public proclamation of God’s word held high priority (Matt. 4:23; 5:1-2; Acts 2:42; 20:7-11, 20).

Teaching and preaching may occur in various settings, but the North Bellingham church's gatherings on Sunday usually feature two sermons, one in the morning hour and one in the evening. So much of our attention is given to other voices through various media that we feel it is of utmost importance to hear the words of God.

Our sermons are not political, emotional or secular in nature. Rather, we try to present the scriptures in their proper historical and doctrinal context and let God’s revelation make its appeal to the understanding and consciences of listeners. We are always open to hearing the views of others and welcome meaningful dialogue with those who have differing ideas.